Welcome to
Summer 2016 Enrollment
(June 6- August 1)

Summer is a great time to start learning a new musical instrument!

Musicland Express
New this past year has been our MUSICLAND.EXPRESS classes for children (5-10 years) and a parent. The results are outstanding and it’s a fun interactive experience for parent and child. Click here for more details!

Here at Midwest Musical Arts, our mission is to provide outstanding music education for voice, piano, guitar, percussion and string instruments. Most of our offerings are in a private lesson setting, although group classes for early percussion students can be formed throughout the year. Also, our Musicland.Express course for students aged 5-10 years includes a parent or adult mentor.

If you have any questions, just email or call LeRoy (785.272.6868). We’re always glad to hear from you!

Why take lessons at Midwest?

■ Our sole focus is music education
■ The majority of our teachers have college music degrees & years of teaching experience
■ Music Instruction for all ages (ages 5 yrs and up)
■ Private Lessons
■ Regular Concerts and Recitals (up to five a year)
■ Exam Preparation
■ Optional participation in music competitions

Parents in the Topeka area choose music instruction at MIDWEST because it can save them time. Imagine all the children taking lessons simultaneously!  With 15 plus available teachers, parents can also choose the right teacher for each student’s personality and learning style. If you are looking for Topeka music lessons, MIDWEST is the right place.


“My daughter is very fortunate to have a place as a piano student at Midwest Musical Arts. We have discovered this to be a great place to obtain a Topeka music education. Her teacher presents her with challenges in music and provides excellent support in her progress. As I watch her each week, I am amazed at how much she is growing in her talent and love for music. Arriving at the Midwest for lessons is a positive experience on it’s own. We get to see kids of all ages coming and going from their lessons. There is music in the air coming from the various lesson rooms. From the minute you walk into Midwest Musical Arts, the atmosphere is ringing with expressions of love for music!” – Melody Frohman, Topeka, KS